Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some frequently asked questions. Perhaps your issue is already answered there.

When will I get my order?

Pre-orders take me around 1-2 weeks to custom dye, since the process involves some yarn prep, the dyeing itself and the longest time is actually the drying period. I let all yarn dry naturally and depending on the weather conditions this may take longer or shorter.

For the shipping times, please refer to the list of shipping methods.

Why is only up-front payment possible?

I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause, but as a really small one-woman business I can not afford to do custom dyeing otherwise.

I need to maintain my stock of raw yarns and the dyeing studio all year round and I can not risk on delivery payment and such.

But you can contact me anytime, if you have issues with your received order! My return policy is very customer oriented, since I just want everybody to create things they really love. If something is not as expected, we will find a solution.

Do you do custom colorways?

No, I do not. But I love to get inspiration, if you have a suggestion.

I need help with the amount of yarn I need. Can you help?

Yes! I will assist you as best I can!

Also, reach out if you want my opinion on what colorways pair well together. I love to talk design!

What exactly happens after ordering?

First, I will check if everything you ordered is still in stock and can be delivered on time. If the yarn base is out of stock, for whatever reasons, I will contact you immediately.

Second, I dye your pre-order.

Third, I will ship your order and send you an confirmation mail.

Last but not least, you will receive your custom dyed yarn and can start creating!

Do you have mini skeins?

Sorry, but not usually. Sometimes I host some special mini sales on Instagram, if you are interested in these follow me @featherfinyarn.

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